Mundo Man Ay Magunaw May 2, 2012

  • May 2, 2012, 2:25 am
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"Mundo Man ay Magunaw," an afternoon TV drama, is a story of tangled lives and increasingly involved plots. These complications arose from one woman's infidelity, a cuckolded husband's anger, a mother killing in defense of her daughter and a mother's wrath at the perceived murder of her son. Everything else in the story escalates from these four events. Olivia San Juan (the younger played by Jodi Sta. Maria, the older by Eula Valdez), marries her long-time suitor Carlos La Pena (Christopher Roxas) while she is having an affair with Dante Santos(James Blanco/Emilio Garcia). She gets pregnant by Dante and gives birth to a daughter, Jennifer (Nikki Gil) whom Carlos thinks is his own. They have a second daughter, now Carlos' own, Bianca (Empress Schuck). Dante goes on to marry Olivia's sister, Leilani "Lani" San Juan (Katya Santos/Sylvia Sanchez). Carlos, learning about Jennifer's paternity, becomes violent and Olivia kills him in defense of her daughter. Olivia is charged with murder and is imprisoned for 20 years. The moving force behind Olivia's imprisonment and further suffering is Alicia La Pena (Tessie Tomas), Carlos' mother, whose vengeful anger against Olivia - for what she believes is the murder of her son - knows no bounds. While Olivia is in prison, and after her mother's death, Alicia takes custody of Jennifer and gives baby Bianca (whom Olivia thought had died) to Leilani and Dante to raise as their own. Bianca La Pena becomes Sheryl Santos. Dante is kidnapped while working overseas and Lani becomes an alcoholic. After, 20 years, Olivia is released from prison, and as she tries to rebuild her life and regain her family, with active animosity from Alicia and her estranged daughter Jennifer, and while not knowing that Sheryl is her daughter, she falls in love with Emilio (Alan Paule) the owner of the restaurant she found work at. Her daughters have grown up to be individuals, each strong in her own way, and facing relationship problems of their own. Will they make the same mistakes she made? Will they, Alicia and Leilani survive the inevitable revelations? Will Olivia learn to trust again?

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